Monday, 19 November 2007

TheCodeProject article: XNA Billiards Visual Demo

Today, I have uploaded another article to TheCodeProject. You can find it here.

I paste here the introduction:

This article is an example of 3D rendering and content processing with XNA, and a good start for those you want to start learning XNA. Although it´s not a full working Billiards game (that will be another article), it can be a good starting point for one too.
It´s not intended to show the best way of doing anything, it´s just a quick example I´ve made in four or five ours. Any improvement is really welcome!
It covers the following topics:
  • Content processor development
  • Content exporting from 3DSMax, including Max shaders, ready to use with XNA
  • Content loading
  • 3D rendering, with and without Max Shaders
  • Basic camera development
  • Basic Sprite management
  • Basic custom user interface development
  • Mouse reading
  • Scene and 3d models management
  • Settings serialization with XML
  • Additional model properties implementation
Hope you like it.

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