Thursday, 28 October 2010

Asegura IT Camp 2, by Informática 64


Lo pasamos bien. Francamente bien.

Y eso que cada vez que escucho una charla del Maligno, o de cualquiera de sus secuaces dedicados a la seguridad informática se me ponen de corbata…

Más info en Windows Tecnico:


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Windows Blocks for Windows Phone 7 video

Today, I uploaded a video of the game to YouTube. You can watch it here:


Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Where is Springfield?

I´m a big fan of The Simpsons (seasons 6-10 especially). I always had the idea that they did never actually revealed the location of Springfield. Of course, it´s located nowhere, as it doesn’t exist, but as there are several Springfields in the U.S., they never mentioned what state it was located in. In fact, there are many episodes where they “almost” say it, but something always happens in the last moment that avoids revealing it.

This is an old and well known issue. There are even people with enough time to dedicate many hours trying to locate Springfield in the map, analyzing every episode. If you don’t believe me, check this site.

The strange thing is, today I was watching episode 7x07 (King Size Homer, with Spanish audio), and they ended the episode saying (Mr. Burns):

<<Thanks Homer, your bravery and quick thinking have turned a potential Chernobyl into just another Pennsylvania Plant>>

I couldn’t believe my ears. Did they really revealed the location of Springfield in this episode?

No, they definitely didn’t. Of course, it is quite unlikely that people with time enough to check episode by episode hints about possible locations for Springfield just missed this one. So I switched to the English version, just to realize that the dialogs in the original version were completely different:

<<Homer, your bravery and quick thinking have turned a potential Chernobyl into a mere Three Mile Island>>

I was curious as I didn’t know what a “Three Mile Island” was, so I checked out Wikipedia. I finally found it refers to a nuclear accident that took place in 1979, in a plant with the same name which (surprisingly), is located in Pennsylvania. People that translated the original text probably decided that Spaniards wouldn’t understand the “Three Mile Island” joke, and decided to change it. Just another reason to avoid watching movies in Spanish.

Original version is always better.


Sunday, 24 October 2010

Windows Blocks published in the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace

  Yesterday, we published our first game for Windows Phone 7.

Captura5<<Windows Blocks brings the classic brick-breaker experience to the Windows Phone 7. With tens of different levels, with progressing difficulty, you will be able to check your skills breaking the bricks that block the views of your house, window by window. Test yourself controlling the magnetic platform with your device's accelerometer (other input methods available too), and learn to use all the Power Pills that can be hidden behind the bricks, to help you out with your duty. Go, break'em all ! >>

You can download a trial version from the MarketPlace and buy it if you like it. In the following days, we´ll publish our second game, the first in 3D.

Comments are welcome!

Other Pictures:


Captura7 Captura10  Captura11  Captura12  Instructions

Friday, 15 October 2010

New XNA Game Programming book available from PACKT Publishing

In the following weeks, I´m going to review a new book that just came out from PACKT Publishing, about XNA Game Programming.

XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner's Guide

The book, written by Kurt Jaegers, is described by the author as:

“This book is a step-by-step tutorial that includes complete source code for all of the games covered. It adopts an engaging style to teach all the game development concepts. Each block of code is explained, and game development concepts are diagrammed and covered in detail. Each game begins with a concept description and concludes with suggestions for expanding on the finished game.”

You can find further details of the book here.

Will tell you more once I’ve read it.