Tuesday, 6 November 2007

TechEd 2007. VisualStudio 2008, C# 3, MultiTargeting and Anonymous Types

Yesterday, from 16 to 17:15, Daniel Moth (http://www.danielmoth.com/Blog ) introduced the new features of VStudio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5. It was a very impressive session, fun and interesting.

Specially exciting the new multi-targeting feature of VStudio 2008. It´s a way to tell the environment which .Net Framework version your project will target, through the project´s properties window. Just selecting in a comboBox if it targets version 2.0, 3.0, or 3.5. By selecting one of them, all of the version features are enabled or disabled for your project, and it´s possible to switch between them without loosing work. Your project will just adapt to that perfectly.

Just as a tip, VStudio 2008 finally has the option "Open folder in windows explorer" in the context menu of the solution explorer... Yeeeeeaaahhhh ! Cannot imagine why something that simple didn´t appear before. No more navigating to bin\debug folder....

Also found quite interesting some of the new C# 3 features, like anonymous types. Didn´t you find redundant something like this before?

Form f = new Form();

Why do I have to say that "f" is a windows form twice? No more, just write something like this:

var f = new Form();

And the compiler will infer that "f" is a windows form just reading the code on the right part of the sentence. It´s important to mark that this has no performance impact, as it´s just a compiler feature. Each time you compile, the MSIL code generated will definately contain the declaration in the old way. It´s just a helper right there for you, just to be more productive. And of course it works with anything:

var a = 5;
var a = 5f;
var a = new Class1();
var a = "";


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