Monday, 20 February 2012

Simax to develop the Bentley Continental GT V8 Simulator

During the last month, Bentley has been presenting the new Continental GT V8 at the Circuit of Navarra.


Simax was there, testing the car and working in the development of an accurate simulation, to be introduced in the Simax driving simulators permanently installed at the circuit, so journalists could test the car both virtually and in the real track.

After several days working with Bentley experts to tune up the simulated car, the result has been pretty impressive. Now, journalists from all around the globe, like Tiff Needell, from Fifth Gear (in the picture, driving one of our simulators) are coming to the event.


There were also some professional drivers there, like the LeMans 2003 Winner Guy Smith, who was driving in our simulator for almost one hour and a half. It was a pleasure to hear his impressions, and I must say, he really liked the sim.