Tuesday, 29 January 2008

How to disable the Error Report Tool in Windows Vista (dw20.exe)

If you are a software developer, it´s quite frequent that applications crash when thery´re not finished. If you usually open the task manager to take a look, you´ve probably noticed that a process called dw20.exe kicks in everytime an app crash.

Well I honestly still don´t know if that process was the cause, but since I installed vista, application crashes were very slow to recover. I´ve been googling around for a way to disable that process, and it has taken like ten minutes for me to find the solution.

The trick is: SET YOUR CONTROL PANEL TO CLASSIC VIEW. Something I probably shoulded have done earlier... ;).

The option you need only appears in the classic view. Its "Problem reports and Solutions" or "Informes de problemas y soluciones", in spanish.

Right there, select "Change configuration" and then "Advanced configuration". Then select "Disable error reporting" and that´s it.

I´ll tell how it works now. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting "How to disable dw20." Turning it "Off" certainly works better than trying to remove dw20.exe and modifying the Registry.