Tuesday, 15 January 2008

1962 Volkswagen T1 beats Porsche and Aston Martin

Imagine you are a rich guy. Or even better, imagine you are a poor programmer that suddenly sells it´s software to a big company by, let´s say, 140.000 euros.

You will obviously want to leave the freak group of your town, become popular and a well known computer geek. The first step is to buy a decent car... let´s say: a nine-eleven or an Aston Martin. What´s next?

Easy. Take it into Nürburgring for some fast laps. You are cool. You FEEL cool. You look cool. You look the bravest lion around there. And then... it happens...

The 1962 VW T1 with a little bit of improvement.

Jaaa jaaaa jaaaa....

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