Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Enabling DivX/MKV video playback from USB device in Samsung LED B6000

Since last year, I´m one of the happy owners of this magnificent 46” LED TV:

Samsung UE40B7000

There is just one thing that I was missing: DivX/MKV video playback from USB devices.

Last week, a friend bought a Samsung Series 6 too, but the LCD version. I was shocked when I saw this TV included the option to play videos from USB devices, so I decided to investigate a bit if it was possible to activate that option to mine, via a firmware upgrade or so. AND IT WAS!

The best part is you don´t need even to upgrade your firmware, it´s just a matter of changed several values in the service menu of the TV.

DISCLAIMER you enter the service menu at your own risk, altering the wrong settings in the service menu could result in your TV not functioning as it should
Note: This operation might work on some firmware versions only. Google a bit around to find more information about this. With mine, it worked fine.

1.- Enter service menu

With the TV in StandBy mode (off), press the following remote control buttons, one by one: Info, Menu, Mute and then switch the TV on by pressing Power. When the TV turns on, you will see some menus like the following:

The navigation in this menu is done by pressing up/down only. Keep in mind that pressing right means enter the selected option. Be very careful to not change any value accidentally. That can be catastrophic for your TV.

2.- Make the following changes in the Service Menu

First, change the model number of your screen, from B6000 to B7000. This will enable the WiseLink Movie option: Enter the “Option” submenu, navigate to “Model”, press right, and then press right several times until you change from B6000 to B7000.

In Control->Sub Option menu, turn ON the following values:


3.- Results

Done. Now you have video playback support from USB devices. I have tried several movies and not all of them have been correctly played, but must of them yes.

What you will have:

It supports DivX, XVid, and MKV. I also tried several movies in HD (both 720 and 1080), and they worked well. Also AC3 audio seems to work.

What you won´t have:

Subtitles, dual audio, picture size formats, navigation (only 2x forward)

However… ¡¡¡¡¡¡ IT´S A GREAT IMPROVEMENT !!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! It works!! :-D
BTW, subtitles are recognized, but it must be renamed as video filename.

TrasMontano said...

Worked great. Luckely, i got the subtitles working.

One question: after changing the set to b7000, can i update the b6000 with the firmware of the b7000?

alok bhaskar said...

can i play movie in samsung 32 inch d4003 by enable anything in service menu???????????????please help me

Anonymous said...

this is awesome and it really works ! thank you so much .

Anonymous said...

It really worked!!! Why it was disabled in the first place?

Cheerful Childrenc said...

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