Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Moyea PowerPoint to Video converter. An amazing, essential tool

Have you ever tried to add a simple logo at the beginning of a video, with just a fade-in, fade-out effect? What software would you use for such a task? Adobe Premiere? Combustion? May be, but for such a simple task, there is a much better (and cheaper) solution: Moyea ppt to video converter.

Convert PowerPoint to video, PowerPoint to avi, mp4 - Moyea PPT to Video Converter

This small application takes a Power Point presentation and converts it into a video (avi, divx, xvid, dvd, and many others), in two simple steps, keeping all the ppt animations, videos inside, etc. I have tried it today and have worked flawlessly with a Power Point 2007 (pptx) presentation.

I find it specially useful for (among many other things): easy credits making, logo animations, fast video joining, etc. It´s also very useful the “Save as VOB” feature, allowing you to create DVDs with no need for additional authoring software. You can try the TRIAL version (adds a watermark to the video) and buy it if you like it (it´s less than 50 US$).

I love this kind of tiny, but extremely useful applications, which cost a few money but can save you a lot of time.


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