Thursday, 26 March 2009

Internet Explorer 8 – crash boom bang! -

Yesterday, I installed IE8 (retail version, not beta) in a laptop with the following specs:Ver imagen en tamaño completo

  • Dell M1530
  • 3GB Ram
  • Windows Vista Home Premium SP1

The experience was quite horrible, mostly because:

  • Some add-ons (like Skype) seemed to be incompatible with IE8, what made necessary to update them. That´s quite reasonable, by now, but the worst is yet to come…
  • “Open in new tab” feature didn´t work at all. The tab was opened, but stuck in “connecting…” with no results
  • “Open in new window” feature didn´t work neither. The window was not even open.
  • And what is even more annoying: Installing IE8 interfered  with my Windows Explorer, making it to always open folders in new windows when they were “double-clicked”

And YES, I checked the “Open in new window” and “Open in the same window” folder options were Ok.

After more than half an hour trying to find information, the only suggestion I found was to deactivate all the add-ons installed in Internet Explorer. Is that really a solution? Nevermind, because it it didn´t worked anyway, so…

I uninstalled it (Programs&Features –> Installed Updates) and now everything works like a charm again…

We will have to wait a bit more for it to work properly…

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Anonymous said...

I call it IE8's ECS (Endless Connecting Syndrome).