Monday, 9 March 2009

Contribution to SlimDX. UVAtlas wrapper

If you are a .Net developer who wants to deal with 3D Graphics, your best two options are:

  1. Go the XNA way
  2. Use SlimDX 

As all of you probably already know, XNA is a .Net full framework for Game Development. It´s very easy to use, powerful, and cross-platform with the XBox and Zune (too bad no support for Windows Mobile yet). It is great, but in some cases, it has its disadvantages, as being cross-platform introduces some limitations for windows only development.

SlimDX is a DirectX Wrapper to allow .Net developers access the DirectX functionality from C#, Visual Basic, IronPython, etc… It´s a bit more complex, as it just “translates” DirectX to .net, but it is currently the only way to get access to DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 from .Net.

Which way you choose is your business and should depend on many factors. Check the links for more information.

The point is that, due to the problems regarding UVAtlas in Managed DirectX 9 (depicted here), I constributed to the last release (March 2009) of SlimDX with a UVAtlas wrapper for DirectX9, a feature still not present in SlimDX. This implementation fixes the problems present in MDX and explains a bit the meaning of some parameters.

Hope it helps someone.

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