Friday, 5 December 2008

Windows Vista Explorer. Upper Folder button missing

You have probably noticed one of the changes in Windows Vista Explorer: they removed the Upper Folder button.

Probably, Redmond guys thought it was enough with the newer folder navigation bar (like this one image), what is true most of the times, as it allows to one-click navigate not only to the upper folder, but also several levels up.

The CON comes when you navigate into a folder with a long name. In that case, the explorer won´t have room for any other folder than the current, showing something like this:


When that happens, you will have to click in the << symbol to pop the folders context menu up, and select the desired folder, what  means two infinitely long clicks (they should have keeped the parent folder in every case, with some ellipsis (…) if the name doesn´t fit…).

A very easy way to override this is to use the keyboard shortcut that takes you to the upper folder:      ALT + UP ARROW

And that´s it!


Ben said...

I have life again.

Thanks Iñaki!

Iñaki Ayucar said...

You´re welcome!, it was something really annoying for me too... ;)

joelpt said...

I made a simple AutoHotKey script to go up a folder in Windows Vista Explorer with middle mouse click. It also creates a new folder with shift-middle click (works most of the time).

I compiled the script into an exe that you can find here:

Drop it in your Startup folder to launch with Windows. Won't work right on XP without modification.

The script itself is quite simple:

#IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
MButton:: SendInput !{Up}
+MButton:: SendInput {Alt down}fwf{Alt up}

If you don't trust random .exes posted in blog comments, download and install AutoHotKey, save the above script to somefile.ahk, and double click it to start it.