Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Alarm problems on Windows Mobile 6 devices (HTC Touch)

Last week, I had to take a plane quite early. I woke up at 5:15 in the morning, so I set up an alarm in my HTC Touch. Since then, every f****n day my mobile woke me up at the same hour, no matter what alarm configuration I set.

I tried to disable all alarms, change the ringtones, set different alarms at different hours, everything... Nothing worked, the mobile continued ringing at 5:15.

After searching a little bit, I found that some other people is having the same problem, and I also found some workarounds and solutions:


1.- Of course, you can switch off your mobile at night, what would be indeed healthy ;)
2.- You can also deactivate all the sounds in your mobile, but the alarm will still switch your mobile light on, and vibrate if the alarm was configured so.
3.- You can of course change your mobile hour every night, to bypass the alarm activation time, something quite stupid, I guess.


1.- Of course, before anything else, try a soft-reset.
2.- I read that sometines, this is fixed doing a Sync with your PC, but that was not my case. Try it anyway, just in case.
3.- You always have the HARD-RESET solution, but you will loose all your configurations, programs, calendar, everything. Though you can sync before your reset, it´s not something I like.

4.- The GOOD ONE: Get MemMaid, a must for any PDA owner. Run it.

MemMaid scans your mobile and shows many many information. The second tab in MemMaid (with the draw of a clock) shows the Notification Queue of your PDA. Every notification programmed in your system is included here: calendar notifications, alarms, tasks, whatever.

Don´t know why, but the "alarm problem" comes when the alarms don´t get deleted from this queue.

Just go to the "Classic Time Based" node of the tree, ans search for "Windows\clock.exe" entries. These are the alarm entries. When you select one, you will see it´s description in the bottom part, with the starting hour for the alarm. Just search the alarms you want to delete, select them and click "Delete".

That´s it. ¡¡¡Now I can finally sleep!!!

Note: You will have to set MemMaid in "non protected mode", at the settings screen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just had exactly the same problem with my HTC TyTn II. MemMaid did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! My wife was about to kill me. My phone would alarm at 6:00 AM every morning unless I turned it completely off.

Iñaki Ayucar said...

ja jaaa... My wife was mad as well, that´s why I decided to search for a solution...


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely unconcionable on the part of Microsoft that they are still having problems with the WM alarm clock. I have a phone running WM 5 with all the same problems. Three years later and they still can't fix the alarm clock. This is why I will never buy another Microsoft powered phone. BC

Iñaki Ayucar said...

Well, you are right. I cannot say anything else.

Windows Mobile still has a lot of room for improvement. However, to me, it´s the best mobile OS out there, by now.

Anyway, this just my opinion, of course.


Anonymous said...

Thank you - my HTC with WM6 was going off at 4:00 and again at 4:15 for the last week.
Your information is much appreciated!

Dave Hillier said...

I have a HTC Touch - with no problem - until the speaker failed - sent back under warranty and they upgraded the firmware.
Since then I have had the problem with 'ghost' alarms going off.
A real pain.
A 'hard' reset and backup restore did cure it short term - but it would re-occur when an alarm was changed.
I used this MemMaid tip - superb.

Mário Lobo said...

i had the same problem.
i believe it started when i went to london and used "other city" clock.
he gets confused... poor soul.