Monday, 4 June 2007

Microsoft CodeCamp. June 2007. El Rocío, Huelva

Hi there !

It´s been long ago since the last time I wrote a post. I´ve been really busy with the Simax project and the recent events. I haven´t visited the MSDN forums much neither, but I hope to start getting more time for my own since now.

This last weekend I had the chance to go to El Rocio (Huelva, Spain), where took place the Microsoft Codecamp. It´s a wonderful place with really good weather and food, and a must for any tourist visiting the south of Spain.

I personally enjoyed a lot my time there, and must thank Microsoft´s people (Jose, Alfonso, Beatriz, Maribel, Ethel, ...) for all the good work done there. It was GREAT !

We were accomodated in this wonderful bungalow camping:

and the agenda included lots of interesting sessions:

In the morning, I gave an introduction to XNA development, followed by a more technical XNA session by Javier Canton (, who showed some very interesting visual effects, using XNA post-production shaders. Good work Javier!.

Later on, I presented the Simax Project and made a short demo showing the features of the driving simulator:

It would be too long to talk about every other session, but I must include a special mention to "El diván de Monica", really fun and instructive, in which Miguel Egea (, Unai Zorrilla ( and Alejandro Mezcua ( were interviewed by Monica, and talked about their great experience in the industry, giving very good advices to all of us.

Of course, I cannot finish this post without talking about the last chart of the first day: "El rock ha muerto" (Rock is dead), by Chema Alonso ( and Ricardo Varela ( What can I say... Just take a look by yourself:

This has been, with no doubt, the funniest session I´ve ever seen. And was instructive too !!

Finally, I also have to thank Daniel Romano, Carlos Ibarra and Fernando Lacunza for their help with the shipment to the CodeCamp. It was hard, but you made it... Thanks !!

Thanks a lot to everyone !!!!!

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