Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New XNA 4 book by Kurt Jaegers [Packt Publishing]

Kurt Jaegers has a new book on XNA 4 Game Development. I´ll review it in a few days, by now, I paste here some word from the author itself:

“This book follows the same style as my previous books on 2D game development with XNA, bringing three different 3D games to life. I cover items such as:
- The basic concepts behind 3D graphics and game design
- Generating geometry with triangles
- Converting height map images into terrain
- An introduction to HLSL, including writing shaders that handle lighting and multi-texturing
- Building a 2D button-based interface to overlay on your 3D action
- Implementing skyboxes for full 3D backgrounds”

More info here and here.

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