Saturday, 29 September 2012

Boot time comparison: All generations of iPhone vs Nokia Lumia 800

This video completes the boot time comparison made by iClarified with an additional contender: the Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 7.5, which beats even the very last iPhone 5 in terms of boot time.


Please note: This video is a second version of another one published 3 days ago. It has been remade to fix a small fps conversion error present in the previous version (the iPhone part was treated as if it was 30 fps, when it was 24 fps). That involved it being displayed faster than it should, and therefore showing a wrong boot time measurement for the Lumia (which was displayed correctly, at 30 fps). Nokia Lumia 800 boots in 18 seconds, not 22.


The boot time results are awesome:

          • Nokia Lumia 800: 18.17 secs
          • iPhone 5: 24.88 secs (6.5 seconds slower !!)

I ♥ Nokia        -        I ♥ Windows Phone

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