Sunday, 24 October 2010

Windows Blocks published in the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace

  Yesterday, we published our first game for Windows Phone 7.

Captura5<<Windows Blocks brings the classic brick-breaker experience to the Windows Phone 7. With tens of different levels, with progressing difficulty, you will be able to check your skills breaking the bricks that block the views of your house, window by window. Test yourself controlling the magnetic platform with your device's accelerometer (other input methods available too), and learn to use all the Power Pills that can be hidden behind the bricks, to help you out with your duty. Go, break'em all ! >>

You can download a trial version from the MarketPlace and buy it if you like it. In the following days, we´ll publish our second game, the first in 3D.

Comments are welcome!

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Captura7 Captura10  Captura11  Captura12  Instructions

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