Friday, 7 May 2010

Integrate CopySourceAsHTML into release version of VisualStudio 2010

CopySourceAsHTML is one of the most useful tools for developers who blog or post code in any form. Now that Visual Studio 2010 is out, it’s time to integrate both tools.

They released a patch and a new version which technically supports 2010, but it was released for the beta version (I guess), and now it doesn´t integrate well with the release version. As Sean mentions in his blog, all you need to do is:

1.- Download CopySourceAsHTML from here

2.- Install it normally, selecting VS 2010 support (it won´t register well in the program though).

3.- Go to the CopySourceAsHTML installation directory, typically:

C:\Program Files (x86)\J.T. Leigh & Associates\CopySourceAsHtml

4.- Copy the contents of the folder

5.- Find what folder is VStudio using for storing the AddIns (there is more than one), in Tools->Options->Add in/Macros Security. Typically (you might have to create this folder):

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Visual Studio\Addins

6.- Paste the addin file there, re-launch VStudio, and make sure it’s enabled:

Add-in Dialog

7.- Open the file "CopySourceAsHtml.2010.AddIn” and open it with a text editor (it´s an XML file). In every entry <version>9.0</version>, replace the “9.0” with a “10.0”.

And that´s it!

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