Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Simax ECO-Driving goes U.K.

Simax is starting to distribute the ECO-Experience Simax Simulator in the U.K. Of course, they drive on the left, so we had to develop new environments, with a British look.

Want it real? Check this…

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Simax ECO-Experience allows drivers to improve their driving skills, with a special focus on ecological driving concepts. Simax ECO-Experience has been installed in several 1st line Motor Shows around Europe, where thousands of drivers learned how to save tons of CO2 emissions. To know more:


The real simulation experience

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javi santana said...

Las imágenes espectaculares. Por poner alguna pega los coches da la impresión que "flotan" a pesar de las sombra. Un fake ambient oclusion en el suelo donde hacen contacto las ruedas quizás le daría más sensación de estar pegado.

Los árboles son speedtree?