Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Dell XPS 630i, the BT Mini-Receiver, download managers, and other crap…

If you are one of the owners of a Dell computer, you´ll probably be happy with it, like me. However, nothing´s perfect, and of course dell is not either.

One of the things I hate most on Earth is that too-usual way of managing download from websites. Every company has it’s own download manager, and in a few months you end up with a dozen of them installed on your computer or on your browser: Adobe Update Manager, Dell Download Manager, Apple Update Manager, Google updater, Aaaaarrgggllll !!!! I just want to download the f**ing file !!!!! Stop selling me your crap !!!!

Well, back to business. If you own an XPS 630i (and probably other Dell models), and you don’t install all the crap that comes with your system (Dell tune up utility, Dell application, Dell recovery, Dell diagnostics, Dell sandwich maker and the Dell fantastasystem), or if you simply lost your original CD drivers, you will probably miss one: the driver for the BlueTooth Mini-Receiver.

It is not initially listed in the default downloads list at for the 630i (a very deficient list, I must say. Is it that difficult to include a small description of the purpose of each application or update?), and believe me, it’s not easy to find.

I also tried to use one of the magnificent Dell helper-applications to find it, but the one it suggested didn’t work. Finally, I found it here, thanks to the people of My630i.

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks dude :))