Friday, 16 January 2009

Photoshop LensFlare filter and it´s small window with no zoom

1In Photoshop, it seems there´s no way to zoom your picture in the too-small window of the LensFlare Filter. This is something annoying if you are trying to place a LensFlare in a specific point of a big picture, as you have absolutely no accuray in the placing point. Just an example:

Imaging you want to process the image on your left, a picture of the most spectacular beauty in the motor vehicle industry ;). The objective is to add the Audi LED Lights effect, using the LensFlare filter. You open the LensFlare window up, and you find something like this:


There´s no single way to add the lens flare, one by one, with enough precission, as you cannot zoom in that window. So here is a simple way of fixing this:

1.- Activate the “Info” window, set your rulers to use “Pixels” as units, and keep the coordinates of the specific point where you want to add the LensEffect

2 2.- Go back to the LensFlare filter window, and use “Alt + click” instead of a simple click. A new window will appear where you can specify the lens flare coords. Et voilá, flare placed.


Maybe this second approach is even more useful:

1.- Create a new layer and paint it all black. Add the new lens flare in that layer, wherever you want.

2.- Change the kind of layer from “Normal” to “Screen”, so our lensflare is correctly blended with your background

3.- Now you can move and scale your lensflare as desired. You can even adjust it´s colors, exposure, brightness and contrast, everything.


This is the result of working this way:




Anonymous said...

what is lens flare? im searching but i cant find... T-T

can you please help me/


Iñaki Ayucar said...

Lens flare is the effect filter of the lights you can see in the pic.

You will find it at: Filters->Render->LensFlare menu



Anonymous said...

This just goes to show how pathetic and esoteric Photoshop has become. Anyone who's used Micrographx Picture Publisher knows what I mean. And now, in CS5, they eventually "discovered" the mask panel!??! Well, congratulations there!

Anonymous said...

This dosnt work in all cases... but if you use the marquee tool to select the area you want to apply the lens flare to - it zooms that area. you just need to watch out for colour variations.

Anonymous said...

thanks!! you have just added many happy hours to my life.

Cleo said...

Thanks! I used your second solution - I could try out a number of lens flare effects to see which one looked best -- each on a black background and using the Screen blending mode over the object I was trying to position the flare on. That saved me so much trial and error with the tiny little preview. Thank you so much for posting this solution.

Walid Nouraldin said...

Adding lens flare to high resolution images was something like a lucky strike ! Specially when you need to add the filter to small Spotlights !
Adding a black layer and blending as screen is simply brilliant and indeed it leaves all the options of editing open .
Thank you very much Iñaki

Anonymous said...

I love you! Finaly you saved my time!

jeff taray said...

thanks very much! problem absolute solve!...