Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Top evil stuff

Now that the September Fail Compilation is out…

… might be a good moment to remind our Governments the list of top evil things, sports and places… Maybe it was a good idea to set special taxes for all of them. After all, they are responsible of 80% of broken bones at hospitals… Sonrisa

Top evil THINGS

Lunch Tables: In all possible forms, they have something special. People try to jump over them, to grind them, to skate them… Everything !


Treadmills: There some kind of magnetic attraction between these things and clumsy people…


Zip lines and tirolines: No, it won’t probably support your weight… And even if it does, your arms won’t be strong enough… It’s just a matter of physics…


Motorbikes (specially in snow, water, or motocross): Too many “pro-pilots” out there…


Diving boards: It was just not a good idea to invent this evil thing… (including epic comment by the father… “help him!”)


Pole-dancing bars: Why girls have some kind of magical attraction to this thing?

Trampolines: Pure evil….


Skateboard: a.k.a, the widow-maker… (warning! explicit content)



Top evil PLACES

What about places? No need to say that bike and skate parks are in the top ranking positions. But what about weddings?

And playgrounds?

Top evil SPORTS

Again, anything with wheels is on the top of the ranking, specially skateboarding. But what about Parkour?

I just can say… Ouch !!!!!

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