Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Nespresso Experience

Yesterday, I bought a new Nespresso coffee machine. I must say it is great. It’s very clean, fast and makes a great great coffee. I bought it despite the price of the coffee, because I liked the fact that capsules must be bought from the Internet (you don’t need to go to the shop to get them).

But I´m here to talk about their web service, which is, I must say, horrendous.

The website:

  1. It does not work on Internet Explorer 8 (it wrongly redirects you to the mobile version of the website, which holds only a few options to order coffee)
  2. In FireFox, it works, but only the English version. If you click in the language selector to choose Spanish, it shows a “Server Not Found” error.
  3. I went to the “I just bought a Nespresso mahcine”, and I couldn’t find were to activate my account. It says “Activate your account here”, but there’s no link to click in.
  4. It offers a telephone contact, but with a non-Spanish number

Google positioning of Nespresso

As I couldn’t find a way to register myself up and make the first order, I decided to google Nespresso up.

First entry: “Nestlé Nespresso: The art of bla bla bla…”, linked to the above


  1. First: Die Kunst des Espresso, exklusive in German, redirected to the Nespresso production center.
  2. Second: Nespresso - Quality Coffee machines , in English, redirected to a U.K. website
  3. Third: JOIN THE CLUB. Finally I found it? No!, it redirects you to the Nespresso club of KOREA !!!, which seems to be: As I’m an avid computer geek, I decide to use my advanced knowledge and remove the “kr”, trying to reach the global boutique website. Error! It redirects me to an ugly website were it just offers Nespresso boutiques for Korea, Russia and China.

I desist, and try a second path:

The professional website:

It works on IE8, but when you click on “Create new account”, it asks you to contact them by email or phone. Once you click on that option, neither way is offered, but a form (which doesn’t seem to match very well with my needs) instead.

Once filled with the required info, then it offers you the option to contact them, but says: “Contact us. You can call an assistant dialing…” and no phone number is shown.

Then I saw in the bottom-left part of the screen the promised contact options: a Spanish phone number (902 11 00 20) and the previous form. So I fulfilled the form and tried to contact them by phone:

  • “Welcome to Nespresso… bla bla bla… If you want to register in the Nespresso Club, press 4”
  • 4
  • Good morning?
  • Yes I want to register in the club, to make my first order.
  • Ok Sir, what kind of coffee machine do you have?
  • A normal one. Krups branded
  • Ok Sir, you are calling to the professional service. You must call to a different number
  • Ok, which number?
  • 900 259 259
  • Ok then. Thanks…

Then I dialed the above number.

  • “Welcome to Nespresso… bla bla bla… If you want to register in the Nespresso Club, press 1”
  • 1
  • Beeep. Beeep… hang up…
  • Damn… Dial again.
  • “Welcome to Nespresso… bla bla bla… If you want to register in the Nespresso Club, press 1”
  • 1
  • Beep… Beeep… Now it finally works. A polite woman assist me with the registering process… I think they even asked for the size of my pants… but I finally made it.

One day and a half to register in the Nespresso club. It’s exclusive indeed !!

Some VIP Info, now that I´m a member

Now that I’m already in, I found some info that it seems to be secret. The proper URL address for the Nespresso Club (at least one that works):

It’s not listed in Google, not listed in Bing, but that’s the one you must use if you want to deal with the Nespresso club, at least here in Spain.


I can’t believe a company that intends to make business on the Internet shows so poor care and attention to their websites.

Bad first impression, indeed. I understand George now:


Sorny's Adventures said...

Nice post, and a shoddy experience I agree, especially with a site trying to promote a 'Rolls Royce' experience.

If it is any consolation, it has been a PATHETIC experience trying to register (via the correct URL) in ITALY; every attempt gets half-way and then strikes an anonymous Error message (i.e. no guidance as to what is wrong, where to go next, what to change); and the 'Green Number' (toll-free held desk) keep promising to call back and they don't.

I don't believe Rolls Royce treat customers like that! So you are right - Nespresso have a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks for the help. I was so frustrated trying to create my new account just to simply order some coffee. I was totally going in circles until I found your posting with the correct URL. Thanks for the post, it was sure helpful.