Monday, 9 March 2009

The future is coming… or not?

Computers evolve at a huge speed. That´s obvious.

But some things seem to don´t want to leave us. It was the case of floppy disks, which survived many years while everybody asked why they where still there, and finally replaced by CDs, flash memory sticks and all that kind of devices…

It´s been the case of Hard Disks too. Although these evolved much more than floppies, they are one of the biggest bottlenecks in current computers. They are supposed to be replaced with the newer Solid State Disks, incredibly faster… check this vid (SSD on your right):


There are other things that didn't change much in computers. Take a look down, and right, and you will see something like this:

The keyboard has been here forever, and the mouse was introduced in 1972. 37 years of history, and still there… Now they are optical, laser-based, high-resolution… whatever… But the truth is that we have not been able to invent anything better for computer interaction in 37 years. For every-day PC interaction, like reading email and all that stuff, not much more is needed, but there are other kinds of applications involving a more complex interaction. That´s the case of 3D modeling or 3D interactive applications.

A friend sent me this video today, about an imaginary User Interface for a “future” 3D modeling tool. It´s been developed for the award winning short created by filmmaker Bruce Branit: World Builder. It´s a must see:




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